Why I Sit At Your Feet

When I work with a client many times I sit at their feet.  Sometimes I ask they take their shoes off and I hold their feet in my hands.  I sit in front of them, holding their feet and do the work I do. 

Although I can can do spiritual healing/theta healing with people not in the same location it helps me Colby to have physical contact although in this respect it makes me no more of an effective healer.   I have done incredible healing work being in Seattle and cleints were in New York, London, etc.  It sooths me to have physical contact.  As a healer I am “tapped” in but I also have my own personality and comfort levels.  To hold your feet is me being human and recognizing it.  

I sit at clients feet to compel the perspective forward that I am working with Gods.  Clients are Gods.  I sit at client’s feet to remind myself of their greatness.   There are times when I have been brought to tears in awe of the being in front of me.  

I sit at cleints feet to dispell the belief/prejudice /repuation that the healers are to be workshiped/fear/revered. Think scary magicians in capes.  I am in service to the client and I sit at your feet to be in that way.

I sit at clients feet and hold them to assist your DNA learn and know what my DNA knows or is attempting to understand.  Sometimes touch seems necessary to transmit information.

I sit at clients feet because that is what feels good and right to me.  Maybe this is the way I have always done healing.  Maybe this is how I do it, cause this is how I always have done it. I am walking a path I have walked many times before and maybe this is part of the reason why the results I experience are so powerful

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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