Why are you so Tired?

You may have asked yourself, “Why am I so tired?”  You know you have slept enough.  

You may be just starting to feel the effects of having given up on yourself.  Have you given up on your dream? Your body may be tired of your acceptance of your mediocre life.  You are not tired.  Your being/your body is tired of you living so limited.

How do you know if you are tired of you?  Take a moment and allow yourself to dream.  Dream big.  Allow yourself to imagine the best life possible: the partner, the friendship, the home.  Feel this life- what is it like being in that reality. Imagine and feel, imagine and feel and imagine and feel.

Are you still tired or do you have more energy.  If your tiredness has gone away your Spirit may be saying “That’s it.  That’s what I want. That is the life suitable for you.”

You are not tired.  You are tired of living the way you have been living.  Taking a nap, going to the spa, getting a massage is not the answer for this type of fatigue.  Your answer to get more energy is in pursuing the life you envisioned.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA


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