"Why am I Unemployed/Sick/Unhappy…"

Clients sometimes ask me, “Why me?”

They ask why about cancer, depression, being unemployed for months. “Why?” “Why?” Why?”

The question, “Why?” assumes that the answer to the question is in the resolution.  As if the answer would allow freedom, health, well being.

When I practiced more traditional therapy I moved away from cognitive models  because I discovered the resolution to real tough problem are not in your head or in my head. 

When I work with people to resolve “stuckness” I do not try to understand the problem- since understanding it does not mean it will change. Instead I connect to other realms to move, shift, resolve what is at the root. That can mean changing limiting subconscious beliefs, reframing and rebuilding your field, resolving karma, etc. 

Better, to stop asking,”Why?” and put your attention on what you desire and on what you can appreciate about your life.  “Why?” Sometimes, to move something that has been stuck for so long, staying focused on it only contributes to its ‘stuckness’.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle, WA


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