Why Am I Here: The Big Question

We have it all confused.  Most think we should live for ourselves: have a rewarding job, take fabulous vacations, be attractive, fall in love, etc.  And there are a small number of people who think they should live for other people. They believe they should serve and that is why they are here.  And if they have less its for the greater good.

Both have it wrong!

Why Am I Here

I am gonna saying something here that is very, not New Age: we are not here to help others nor are we to entertain ourselves.  We are here to enjoy our lives.. whatever that is for us. Why Am I here, you may be asking?

What gives you joy.  if it is helping others than do it.  If it is eating a whole Pizza by yourself, eat it.  But keep in mind we are not talking about hedonism.  I am talking about joy that comes from your center.. the center of you.

So how do you find this center?

How Do You Discover Why You Are Here

Praise.  By praising life, by praising God we tune to the sound, the vibration of life.  We enter into the consciousness of Creation, itself.  If you have had a moment of awakening, think of the time you dropped into that elevated awareness where were aware of your interconnected with everything.  You were in awe and the people around you experienced uplift through your presence.  You spread the vibration you entered into. You were in Glory and as a result you spread that glory around

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Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Energy, Embodiment and Theta Healer
Seattle, WA




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