Where Do I Fit? How Do You Find Your Way When No Way Seems Clear

Where do I fit?  Where is my place, my people?  What am I hear to do?  I see a lot of people who are looking for where they fit.  They are eager to find where they can apply their talents and interests and make money doing so. These people want to make money from their craft.  They are in the broadest sense of the word artists and entrepreneur.  They are eager, driven and want a good life for themselves.  They take personality tests, read carrier books and help books.  They search and search, continually asking themselves, others and their God: “How can i take my skills and talents and apply them to make money?”

Eventually, may times frustrated and tired of searching these folks take jobs to support them while they search. This seems practical, but many times it kills.  Working in a job that gives them money, they try to explore their interests on the side. And in many cases these folks eventually forget their interests and get absorbed by their paying jobs and the concerns of the larger culture.   They get amnesia.  They have entered the rat race: they forget who they are and what they want.

The problem is not that these folks don’t fit, the problem is they are trying to fit!

The question I would like you to ask is not:“Where do I fit?” but, “How can I make a place for myself?”. Many of us do not fit into the present culture, because we are NOT suppose to fit.  We are intended to make places for ourselves to change the larger collective consciousness.  If you feel like you don’t fit, your probably right.  You are not suppose to!  You have been given your gifts, been born at this time, to change what is going on here, on planet Earth.

I ask you to stop looking for a place to fit, but to decide you will make a place for you here. Take a stand now, and say to the Everything, “I choose to make a place for myself, to take my place, to do what I came to do.  Please people be willing to stand apart and raise your ‘freak flag” high.

It takes courage to be yourself in the world.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Theta and Energy Healer, Seattle WA

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