What’s in the Way of Getting Guidance

I have a lot of clients who tell me they do not get guidance. They tell me, “I ask, and ask and ask again for guidance and nothing.  I get nothing.” They tell me they ask: “What do i do next?”  “What’s important that I do now?” “What is the point of all this?”

They are so frustrated because they feel they do not have contact with their guides, their inner guidance.

Some have even come in almost pridefull, saying, “See I dont have guides.  I don’t.  I am on this earth alone.”

This sense of being without support only supports a core wound of being alone.  It is an outer manifestation of an inner reality of being alone, afraid and unsafe.  In truth, their guides are around these folks, but these folks don’t want to listen. Or want a guarantee that everything will work out.  These folks don’t want to take a risk. They want a glorious, plentiful abundant relationship with life without believing in life’s abundance. 

In sessions, I allow what needs to be said to be said, and overwhelmingly, client say, “Yes, I have heard this all before.”  “My friends, my mother, my dog, Elmo tells me the same thing.”  Guidance is coming through, but the clients resistance to change is in the way. They have all sorts of reasons for not following through.  They tell me they don’ have enough money to make a career change, they are too old to go back to school, etc.    

So while other people get in and out of relationship, buy and sell homes, change jobs you are still in the same relationship, same home, same job. They are stalled because they refuse to get off their butt’s and face off with what they really want and what limiting beliefs about themselves, life and others they would have to conquer.

Consider, what do you keep being told, what is continually presented to you that you keep bating away? Following through may be your key to your transformation.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Theta and Energy Healer  Seattle , WA

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