What the F$#%%?

Yup, you have said it before?  How can something go so wrong?  Your intentions were good.  You were clear and still BOOM it just blows up in your face.   Why?  Why?  Why?

You could try to clean up the mess.  Make your intentions known.  Review the facts with the parties that are casting blame and you in a negative light.  But, wait you have tried that before and for what ever reason it keeps blowing up in your face.  

Ok, you say to your self one more e-mail.  One more attempt to get people straight so that you are recorded accurately in history.  

But, then you remember in the end all the history books all the people who have the wrong idea about you will become dust.  Everything become dust in the end.  “Walk away.” you hear in your head.  “Walk away”

How do you let go of when a wrong is being done to you.  How do you let sleeping dogs lie when the dogs are nipping at your legs, draining the life force from you.

“Walk away” you hear. Over and over.  “Walk away”

How do you walk away?  You begin to walk.  Walk my friends.  Walk towards the life you want.  Walk. 

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA 

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