What Makes a Bad, Good and Better Psychic

As a Psychic Healer, I have sensed into the future for many people. I  have “looked” for others into love, occupation, health, happiness, death, etc.  In that time, I have perfected my skills and have learned what makes a good psychic and a bad psychic

A bad psychic helps you to feel out of control: afraid to take action without their feedback,  A bad psychic helps others to feel dependent on them.  A bad psychic thinks what they are doing is “special”.  A sign of their spiritual superiorly.. its not, just a gift like good hand eye coordination.  A bad psychic, when asks a question that they don’t get information about makes up the answer.. using every day common sense.  

A good psychic is more down to earth than the bad psychic.  He/she gets that what they do is not “special”, but uses their gift in service to humanity.  He/she can perceive streams of possibility that will most likely happen. Yes, I said most likely, since most of what happens to us is up to us.  Yes, there are some points of destiny, events that we will happen regardless of what we choose, but how they work out is up to us.  Many times, (not all) a good psychic can help guide people to most favorable outcome.  This kind of work no longer interests me, since the work seems to be about helping clients hedge their bets/scam the system. It keeps people to trouble shoot the illusion.  It does not move people into a deep knowing of the truth of themselves.

A better psychic can help you feel into what you know is true, can help you to sense your own truth, your own guidance.  A good psychic can you remember memories locked away and release deep hidden blocks that have kept you stuck in unworkable patterns of behavior.  A good psychic can help you know what your own knowing feels like so you can intuit your own guidance.  A good psychic can help you tune in and know the truth of yourself.

When seeing a psychic sense into your own knowing whether this is the man/woman who can help you know your own knowing, rather than advise you about this or that situation.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healer, Seattle, WA

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