What is Your God?

As a Spiritual Healer, some people come to me to feel and be closer to the highest self. Here are some things I have learned about deepening a person’s relationship with the highest self

1.  In order to move into a deeper relationship with higher realms you need to want to.  Access your deep longing for God, now!  I can not force an experience on someone.  When I meet a non believer at a party who says. ” Go ahead, give me an experience!” I bless them and move towards the cheese dip.

2.  Consider that you may have made something your God other than the divine.  Your life may rotate around work, another person, an addiction, etc.   What gives your life meaning and purpose?  If what ever that thing is does not seem inspiring you have maybe made something your God and thus may not be giving room for the real thing.

3.  You need to let go of the crutch that has been keeping you, what seems like sane. By letting go of your dysfunctional strategy you say to the universe, “I want to fly.” Is your crutch a drug, an obsession, TV?

4.  Once you let go of your crutch be willing to go into and release the pain you have not been dealing with. This can be very scary and their are lots of reasons why people don’t face off with profound pain.  Consider getting someone to assist you like me or another healer or counselor.

5.  Pray to whatever form of higher consciousness that you want to know it more deeply.  Do this repeatedly. Let it know you are serious

6.  Make an effort to see God in daily life.  Consider the leaf, the guy at the movies the popcorn you are eating as God.  

7.  Be open to however God may show up.  Try not to have a preset idea of what God will look or sound like.  You may be surprised.  

Colby Wilk, Heal Through Spirit, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Seattle WA


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