What is Theta Healing

Theta Healing is nothing short of a a miracle.

Clients come with problems, big problems—physical, emotional and mental challenges.

And in an instant they are healed.

How Theta Healing Works

As the Theta Healer, I shift my brain waves out of an alpha and beta pattern and into a theta and gamma wave. This shift gives me access to higher realms where the roots of illness, dysfunction can be excavated.  I learn what has been holding what you wish to resolve in place and how to resolve it.

The Roots of Illness and Dysfunction

In most cases dysfunction and illness is the result of possessing a limiting beliefs.  Change the limiting belief to a more resourceful belief and magic happens: you heal!

Beliefs can be inherited.  They are transmitted through the DNA from generation to generation. Thus, genetic disease.  

In other cases, a  soul will choose to incarnate with a belief to learn a lesson, but may not be completely aware of all the ramifications of holding that belief in this plane.  A soul may purposefully incarnate with the belief, “I am unlovable.” to learn about love, but not realize having the belief can result in other difficulties.  

Oaths and agreements made in past lifetimes can maintain through incarnations. Oaths of poverty taken as a monk, oaths of celibacy taken as a nun and agreements to be married last can play havoc with a person’s ability to find love, maintain relationship and gather wealth in this lifetime.  

Regardless, of how a belief came to be they can all be changed to be more resourceful and that change can produce absolute health. 

The Results of Theta Healing

“I was really sick for weeks. I was run down, ache and feverish. The change was immediate. I felt well! It has been two weeks since the healing and I still feel great and I am less fearful about the future.”Kathie Brodie, Hypnotist and Baggage Handler, Shoreline, WA

“Colby has helped me to feel spiritually reconnected and the emotional healing has been huge! I feel like each time we work, I release pounds of baggage and emerge with renewed perspective on my life. The healing has been deep and I am eternally grateful for his pure and authentic gift. Thank you Colby!”Yiska Obadia, Acupuncturist, NY, NY

“I have had a sore hip problem for 5 years and no one could figure it out. Colby figured out the nerve was frayed and was shooting pain down my whole left back side, I felt much needed relief and I can now better feel my feet!”  Bonnie Bergman, Massage Therapist, Canada

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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  1. Martin on July 23, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Hello, a dear friend is now into Theta Healing, and I have some concerns about it. They are best described by others here:


    Secondly, if my understanding is correct, anyone can become a certified practitioner by taking a 3-day course. This seems ridiculous to me.

    I’m hoping you can respond to these items. Thank you.

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