Consider: What is Being Offered?

Many feel like they have been left behind, that God has forgotten them.  They tell me they pray and pray and pray some more and don’t get information.  They come in and say, ” I don’t get information… I don’t know what to do.”

After I “look” and speak some more with these clients it become clear these people are not looking around them for what is being presented to them.  They want God to speak to them in a big, booming voice.  They want to know for sure they are getting a tip so they can be one up on the Universe.  But this is not how the Universe speaks.  The Universe is not giving tips so you gett better odds and it is not a parent that protects its children from big scary things.

The Universe desires for you to allow it through you.  It wants to grow through you and in many cases it climbs up you like a vine up a tree.  It is quite, slow and steady.

A client said it so well, “Look around you what is being offered to you?”  When your stuck behind people in the grocery store line ask yourself, “What is being offered to me?”  When you did not get the house you wanted, “What is being offered to you? ”  And then the big question, “What keeps being offered to you that you keep refusing?”

Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Energy Embodiment and Theta Healer
Seattle, WA 

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