What About Me?

“What about me?”  you might be asking. “When will it be my turn?”  These two questions get you nowhere, so why continue to ask?  Because they questions keep you in a life condition you are comfortable in and what you are wanting you are secretly terrified of.   Yes, terrified! Really!

If something is not happening in your life/anyone’s life know that their is a block.  The universe is abundant.  The only reason you don’t have what you want is fear(and maybe timing).  

Consider that you already have the exact life you desire.   Now sit down and consider how being single, being in the job you are in is exactly what you want and you love it how it is.  This can seem hard to do, but get yourself to do it.  Point out to your self all the pluses of how your life is how you like it.  How being single allows you to do what you want when you want it, etc. How being in your job allows you to stay in your comfort zone, etc.   Sit in that you already have the life you want.  Get yourself congruent/aligned with what is.

You can not “to do list” your self into change.  You can not will yourself into a new way of being.  You can only love yourself into transformation. When people will themselves into change they return to their former condition.  Think of people putting on and off weight.  When you love yourself into a change you transform your energy into a higher vibration so that it will no longer hold what no longer suits the higher vibration.  Think of people who have taken off weight and it has stayed off.

Today, get really clear that you have the life you want: every area of your life is how you like it.  Relish in your satisfaction.  Until you get that you have it how you like it, real life long change may allude you.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spririt, Seattle, WA 

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