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ThetaHealing™ can help people heal what seems unhealable by assisting people to transform what seems untransformable- the core of who they are.  Theta Healing™ is a technique that teaches how to put to work our natural intuition to dig and uncover the core of any problem.  

What is ThetaHealing™
In short ThetaHealing™is a meditation technique.  Via a short mediation, the ThetaHealing™practitioner enters a theta brain wave state and accesses higher consciousness.  From the wider perspective of higher consciousness the intuition opens wide revealing the root of an illness or malady.  

According to Theta Healing™ at the base of almost every illness/malady is a limiting belief or an inability to be or have a feeling.  

Limiting Beliefs Can Be the Cause
Once a limiting belief is cleared and replaced with a belief that is more resourceful a person can experience healing.  For instance, at the base of depression can be the belief that “I am not worthwhile.”  Once that is replaced with “I am worthy” a person can heal.

“Colby has helped me to feel spiritually reconnected and the emotional healing has been huge! I feel like each time we work, I release pounds of baggage and emerge with renewed perspective on my life. The healing has been deep and I am eternally grateful for his pure and authentic gift. Thankyou Colby!”

Yiska Obadia

Feelings Can be the Cause
Or once a person learns how to release a negative feeling or learn to be with positive feeling an instant healing is possible.  For instance someone may not know what it is to feel satisfied.  Once they receive the feeling their constant anxiety may finally diminish.  

With the practitioner’s intuition open he/she can get the “right” information that can finally transform an illness into health. 

“I am really happy with the work I have done with Colby. I got noticeable results right away as opposed to having to wait weeks or months. I will continue to work with him to resolve certain issues and achieve certain goals, and would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in seeing improvement in any area of their life.”

Mark Dickenson
Seattle, WA.

Who came up with ThetaHealing™ 
An amazing woman named, Vianna Stybal, who was born intuitive, healed herself of cancer in an instant. When she healed herself she discovered a process how to heal anything: emotional, physical or spiritual.  The technique she uncovered is now known as ThetaHealing™.  She taught me ThetaHealing™about 7 years ago. She now travels around the globe teaching ThetaHealing™.

Who is Colby Wilk, MA
I am a counselor/coach turned healer.  Through Theta Healing™, I recognized a power to shift what seemed unchangeable-the very core of a person.  Through spiritual and Theta Healing™ I train others to be their own teacher, to access spiritual states and to overcome blocks to wellness. In addition to classes and in person and phone sessions, I offer free weekly healings through the website:

Colby Wilk, Spritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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  1. Calgary Massage Therapy Expert on March 18, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Great article about thetahealing… I thoroughly enjoyed it! the videos are excellent!

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