The Paranormal Vs the Spiritual

As a spiritual healer I meet people who want me to teach them how to astral travel, move objects with their minds’, see into the future, etc.  These people are into the glitz and glamour of spirituality and not what I consider real spirituality, true spirituality.  They want an experience of higher realms and consciousness, but sometimes not from the place of being connected and known, more from the place of being special and important.  Their quest into the paranormal is as if they are saying, “Look at me.  Look what I can do.  Look what I know.  Ain’t I mysterious and grand?”  

Yes, learning how to astral travel and see into potential futures can open people up to a deeper relationship with themselves, others and higher consciousness or it can be a distraction just like smoking, drinking, sugar and sex. In my opinion, the only reason to venture outside of this reality, this realm, this consciousness is to learn how to be happier, more satisfied with life, yourself  and others.  Why be in this reality if the goal is to know other realities?  

I have witnessed people taking on the paranormal as a hobby, an interest, not a way to get to know the truth of who and what they are.  Its a shame, since many of these people are being calling, but get stuck in something less.

Consider if you interested in the paranormal or the spiritual  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA


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