Spiritual People vs the Truly Spiritual

Most people come to spirituality out of pain.  They can not seem to find what they need from another, or in a bottle or through money.  The only option, they realize eventually  is to give up all distraction and go to their Source.

The “spiritual” seek to alleviate discomfort, depression, anxiety.  They discover a relationship with the divine gives them comfort and in some cases healing.  But then the pain seems to go away and they return to living their life as they have always.  They breath easier for a while, until the next mishap and then they become “spiritual” again.  They return to church, mediation or their healer.  This back and fourth can go on for a while if not a lifetime.

The ” truly spiritual” seek out a more magical and connected experience of life because the relationship, the discovery gives them pleasure and fulfilment.  These folks are not trying to fix anything, instead they desire to feel more well, more whole, more… These folks have a daily practice that assist them to live spiritual.  They are part of spiritual communities in which they are out about their spiritual lives and have friendships that support their spiritual efforts.  These folks tend to get “further” than the others since they are not seeking out God to get them through life, but rather make God part of their life if not the very focus of their lives.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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