Spiritual Lesson: Give Up Hard

Today, I looked for my cell phone for 2 hours and discovered, as I unloaded the washer, that I had washed my phone.

Yesterday, while driving my car, my dog (who sits in the backseat) started dancing – hopping up and down. I assumed she saw a cocker- she loves cockers. A spray of diarrhea reached out from the backseat.

To my surprise, I laughed. I laughed and laughed. I loved it. How insane! How ridiculous!

Who was this person who did not take mishaps seriously? Years ago, I greedily took opportunities to release my anger. Watch out Starbucks Barista Man for not topping my latte with extra foam, after I specially asked for extra foam!

I can say without a doubt, it is my connection to the Creator that has made the difference.

People come to me to become aware of their own connection to the Creator. It is awe-inspiring to watch people unfold into grace. It has taken me years to accept that I am at my best as a Healer, when I am exerting no effort and doing nothing. In fact, when I try to heal someone, I get a headache. I have learned to let go and report what I see, feel, and experience. I move energy through an intention to have healing occur and keep my attention on this intention. That is really about it. There is nothing hard about healing. There is very little to figuring out. It is mostly about me getting out of the way.

I grew up taking pride in trying hard and exerting super-human effort. As a Jewish kid who grew up in the 70s with a severe learning disability, it was hard to learn, hard to write, and even more difficult to read. Much of my identity was locked into trying hard and refusing to fail. Life was about effort and overcoming.

It is amazing what I had to give up to get a life that is easy: self-importance, righteousness, and victimization. It sounds great, but for me I found these three delicious.

Once I gave up, hard life transformed – new partner, different work, even a different place to live. A warning: if you are thinking of giving up “hard,” consider that life tends to fall apart, and there is a period of time where there is a void – where nothing seems to be showing up. Wait it out. Know “easy” is on the way. A part of you who knows itself only in relation to trying hard will try to talk you into going back to the job you hate, a lover who at best is a mediocre partner, and a lifestyle that is unremarkable.

If you have ever met anyone extraordinary, they have a sense of ease about them. They show up, and their expertise takes them, inhabits them. They are a vehicle for the infinite.

Give up trying and wait and see the universe flow in.

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  1. Bridget on March 10, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Ooooh, "wait for it." That’s some great advice. I like to think about the bottoms of my feet when I panic, feeling lonely, lost or wanting to go backwards. Thanks, Colby. I’ll be stronger for having read this entry – and "easier."

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