Spiritual Healing to find Passion

As a Spiritual/Theta Healer I meet a lot of people who have lost their passion and in doing so have lost their affinity with life.  

How did they get like this?  They were not always dried up and pationless.   Many of them once had dreams, but moved past being ripe.  

It was time to act when the dream was ripe, but they stalled, procrastinated and let self doubt rule them into inaction.  The dream may have moved on to another host.  I have heard a lot of people say, ” I thought of ________Gosh if I would have pursued, I would be_________.” I think dreams need to get born, but are not so picky who they get born to. 

If you feel passionless  you might consider getting a dream.  How do you get a dream?  

1.  Look at where you are curious?  What do you wonder about?  Are you curious about how plants grow, where animals sleep, how time works?  Where you are naturally curious may indicate where you may have a passion.

2.  Look at where you get annoyed and frustrated.  Sometimes  what annoys you can indicate that you have a commitment. For instance, it bugs me when people don’t listen.  My frustration with others not listening to said to me, I have a huge passion for listening.  In my practice as a spiritual/theta healer I love to teach people how to listen not only to the content of what someone is saying but the sub text: the energy, the hidden lies and truths.  Ask yourself what annoys you?  You may discover a passion.

3.  And most importantly ask God, to dream through you.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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