Spiritual Healing: The Answer is Not in Anyone's Head

Some people come to me after trying to resolve their problem for years.  They have struggled with life direction, purpose, love life, money troubles, health concerns, etc.  They have gone to mental health practitioner, coaches and other health providers.  By the time they reach me they are frustrated and at their wit ends.  For some reason they hold onto the hope that they can be changed/healed while others with the same problem/condition have given up—begrudgingly accepting their circumstances.  

What is the difference between those people who pursue an answer even when one does not seem possible and those that give up?  I believe the people who find me are led.  Led by their guides, higher selves and/or God.  I am not sure if they are led to me to be healed or to have an experience where their faith is built or rebuilt.  

I see relief in clients’ eyes when I tell them they have done everything they could to help themselves. I tell them if the problem was resolvable on this plane, given their diligence, their challenge would have been resolved.  

Why would would the Creator give us challenges that are hard if not impossible to resolve on this plane.  Maybe the problem is an invitation to come back and rebuild their relationship with the Creator?

Consider without your challenge would you have as rich of a spiritual life? Would you have pursued God if you were not in pain? 

Colby Wilk, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA 

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