Spiritual Healing and Security

Are you in a marriage, a job, the same house for the primary need to feel secure?  Have you given up other values for the security?   Think about it are you secure or are trapped? 

There is a place for security and people who feel secure make good choices.  At the same time security can strangle you into a life of mediocrity.  You know you have moved from a basic need for security to being trapped by security if you complain about the “sameness” of your life.  Life is no longer seems interesting for those who are not engaged in it. Why? Because they have sacrificed full self expression and adventure for security.  Nothing new occurs for someone who has made their primary need security.  Boredom dominates.

The truth is there is not security.  Security is an illusion.  Whatever you are staying in for the sole reason of security can end at any minute.  

I hold that the drive for security is do to our lack of faith in the divine.  If you really got that you are a child of God and that God wants you to be happy would you stay in your relationship, job or home?  Might you play bigger in life if you believed you were already secure in your God’s arms?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Seattle WA 

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