Spiritual Healing Resentment, Rejection and Regret

Resentment, Rejection and Regret are the three things responsible for most of the trouble.

Many people become physically ill because of the three R’s while others have difficulty manifesting powerfully due to them.

Resentment, rejection and regret keep your energy in the past.  If you suffer from all or one of the three Rs you have a sense that your life is not moving forward and is therefore stuck.

How do you release lifetimes of resentment, rejection and regret in an instant?  

1.  Consider which of the three are you more prone to: resentment, regret or rejection?  Where does you find your mind drifting to?  

2.  Feel in your body where is the R held?  In your calf, your stomach, where?  It may feel like it is everywhere, but try to find out the center of it- where it stems from.  

3.  Put your hands over that place and ask a form of higher consciousness: God, the Creator, Mother Mary to take it from you and replace it with what is higher and best.  

4.  Witness the energy leave and new energy come in.  If you don’t see or feel anything- imagine what it would feel like and look like.  Experiencing energy with your intuition/psychic senses is very close to your ability to use your imagination.  

5.  Go through your whole system placing your hands where they feel needed, lifting out the energy and having new energy come in.

6.  Notice how you feel.  Do you have a different outlook? Thank the form of higher consciousness that is/was helping you.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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