Spiritual Healing from Drama

Our natural state is one of complete freedom.  Yet, many of us live as if we are trapped: trapped in a relationship, job or way of relating to the world.

How do you move from trapped to freedom?  Give up drama.  Most people do not relate to their challenges as the size they are. They over react: playing out scenario in their heads and ruminating about what might happen.  

Sometimes, I have clients track their drama in a Drama Log.  It is amazing what they find.  Many discover as one drama ends another gets ready to begin.  On Monday morning they get into a tiff with a coworker.  They fret about the coworker through the afternoon and into the next morning.  They worry and play out situations with what they should say and how they should respond.  On Tuesday the situation with the co-worker gets worked out.  They exhale and take a deep breath and feel peace.  Peace.  But wait, the next drama is getting ready to role in.  Their mother will call and badger them, their lover will not pay attention, etc.  Something always seems to show up to end the peace! 

What the Drama Log reveals more than anything is how clients make themselves crazy. Keeping the Drama Log trains clients to recognize their reactions as overreactions.  

How many dramas do you have in a month?  How long does the peace last?  Was your reaction to the drama accurate for the size of the problem or did you make a drama where none existed?

Colby Wilk, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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