Spiritual Healing for Your Problem

“What is so wrong with me?” you ask. 

Money, relationship, health.. it does not matter what it is.. its all the same..

“Why can’t I shift this?”

“Whats my problem?” you repeat over and over. 

It’s as if, if you could just have insight it would open something up..the prison you have been caged in would spring open, the chain you have been tethered to finally releases.

“Whats my problem?” you ask again.

Insight, my friends, is mostly overrated.  Sometimes, many times it is about feeling and surrendering. 

Allowing ,accepting is the most overlooked spiritual practice.

Ask yourself, “What if life was this way forever?”  

Do you feel yourself cringe?  How you can not stand it, how you want it to change?  There is your work right in front of you.  Accept that this is it.  Finally accept it, surrender to it and feel beyond the loss of it to feeling it.

This is what i do as a Spiritual and Theta healer, help people feel into their resistance so they can finally accept what they have been refusing to feel into.  The journey sometimes begins with what you have been refusing to accept.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Seattle WA

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