Spiritual Healing for Begining or Ending

Many people come to see me to begin or end what they have been unable or unwilling to start or end: a relationship, a career, a business, a way of being. 

Consider that our DNA carries the codes of our ancestors.  It is fairly a recent advent that people have as many opportunities to live life on their own terms.  To our ancestors doing your own thing: leaving the tribe, going off by yourself, leaving certain food and shelter for the unknown had a high likely hood of death.  Much of the fear people are in is their ancestors DNA calling out saying, “No.  Don’t that can result in death.  Stop.  Go back.”

Be kind to yourself you may be the first person in your blood line to contemplate this level of freedom. By the way it is my experience that our ancestors are rooting for us.  

How do you begin or end something your soul yearns for but other parts of you are frightened of?  Consider prayer/.

What if you ask God to end what no longer serves you, to begin what would take your life to the next level? And if you have difficulty with faith ask for faith.  In my opinion God wants to be known and when we ask honestly, humbly and with openness he/she it makes itself known.


Colby Wilk, Spiritual Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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