Spiritual Healing Can Be Learned

When I was younger I understood most psychics were born psychic.   Some saw auras, not me.  Some talked to the dead, not me.  Some would get snapshots of the future, not me.  At best I was sensitive.  My feelings would get easily hurt and I could often sense what another person was feeling without having to see or hear them.  

I  learned how to do what I do now by teachers like Vianna Stibal.  But in truth, I no longer no what I am doing or how I am doing.  I sit at a clients feet.  I get really still and slow.  I connect with God the way Vianna teaches.  I pray and then from there it is any guess how I do what I do.

I went to a workshop today to explore writing a book.  What would I write.  I sit, I pray and I connect and then a number of things happen some of which I can describe, but, none I know for sure how they work.  It would be a short book.

What I do know is people can learn how to spiritually heal themselves and others- because I did, but non one knows for sure how spiritual healing works.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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