Spiritual Healing and True Prosperity

For many people a better life is a faster life.  Faster does not mean better. Faster does not mean more satisfying or more connected.  Faster just means faster. 

Many people try to increase their sense of life by achieving more, but ask yourself has achieving more ever satisfied you?  Really satisfied you?  At the end of the day you have a trophy in your hand or you are left without one. Regardless you are left with you.  

True prosperity is free.  

How do you open to true prosperity?  Stop chasing after what you believe will make you happy.  Stop.   I know it feels good to pursue, but stop and breath.  Connect with who you really are. 

“Yea…yea… yea.” You may be saying, “But I need to make a living.”  For the most part we go beyond taking care of ourselves and make making a living into our lives.  We forget to live.  In all the effort to make happiness we don’t allow room for happiness.  

If you stopped trying to make your self happy, what might happen?  Would you fall apart?  Would what is bellow all your effort to be happy be revealed and released?  Might you in that moment of letting go of trying to be happy discover true happiness?   

Colby Wilk, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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  1. Master Sha on July 9, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Reading your post gives me a reason to step back for a minute to take a deep breath. Thanks.

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