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A blog. My thoughts out into the world? The power. What about my spelling, my grammar, my poor word choice? I failed the Language Arts requirement in 9th grade – proof that I cannot navigate the English language with any sort of fluency.

Like the people who come to see me, I have lots of reasons that I cannot succeed at something that has proved challenging. Is writing hard for me? Yes. Does it take me longer to write then most people? Absolutely.

“If I am not going to be my past, I have to start acting differently than my past.”

Maybe you have said the above to yourself and maybe you were inspired to act: to change and then did, well nothing. If you’re like me – your fear takes the form of procrastination. I have a lot of stuff about writing: fear and a big smear of self-doubt. Not writing when I know it is best to produce the results I want in my life results in me feeling bad. I am not allowed to feel bad for long. I know the manifestation power of feelings.

Ester Hicks says, “Nothing gets in the way of my happiness.” So, I pulled myself together and stuck my neck out: I put myself in a structure. Structure calls for self-discipline, and discipline produces freedom.

Look, if you want to lose weight and gain muscle, a membership to a gym may be enough structure, not for me – I need a regular prepaid appointment with a trainer. It is the appointments, the fact that I have already spent the money that gets me to roll out of bed and into the gym.

I have spent the money to have this blog built, and I have it set up to go out once a week.

Have you ever noticed fear produces inaction, but when you start to move when you are afraid, it turns into excitement?

Is there something you would like to create or to change that would increase your satisfaction with life that you have been putting off? Maybe a structure would get you to finally act. And when you act, you find your fear turning into excitement. It did for me!

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  1. Sierra on May 15, 2009 at 12:06 am

    I have also been in-action both the dark and the light aspect of that in the last few months and hours.

    I have finally published my new blog and inserted my web copy. I like how you have scheduled to fill up your blog every week. I have scanned your titles and your very first entry. You are cooking boi!

    I have decided to fill up my blogroll and you were the first one that came to mind. Yes, indeed, it is filling me with excitement and pushing out the fear – this being in action thing.

    I am glad to hear from so many people how effective, genuine and generous you have been with your talents and wisdom.

    You inspire me.

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