Spiritual, Energy, Intuitive Healing Takes Time- No Lie

Real change, change that is permanent occurs slowly over time.

I have learned over the years of working as an Intuitive Healer to watch a client’s body to track absorption of a new paradigm: forgiveness of the self, greater compassion for others, love for humanity.  I  close the aperture of change once a body has filled to capacity. 

Many clients beg me to continue allowing the energy to flow into their field.  They say, “They can handle more… give me the whole thing.” “I want big change. now” That, they have been waiting for change and “to bring it on!” They say, “I can absorb the whole thing…really”

So desperate for change some people are willing to overrule their bodies.  And once a body is overruled it no longer is that cooperative.

In the Dr Phil world of healing, shows like his suggest that change can occur in an episode.  Between commercial breaks an alcoholic has a stoke of insight and never drinks again or an abuser of woman, forgives his mother and never picks his hands again in violence.  But the truth is new neural pathways in the brain and body need to time to solidify,

It is true, that many of my clients have large body changes, release symptoms, have insights and floods of emotion in one session, but there is an integration period that can last months, weeks even years.

Please be patient with yourself.

Colby Wilk
Energy, Psychic, Intuitive, Theta Healer
Seattle, WA

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