Spiritual and Theta Healing and Upset

It is much more difficult to be in the world as a spiritual person than to live on a mountain in isolation.

When you live as a spiritual person alone on a mountain you only wrestle with your psyche, but when you live in the world with people you can get hurt.  People go unconscious and do things that can be unintentionally hurtful.  They go unconscious and live out their unresolved past hurting people along the way.  

The benifit of being hurt is that you get clues about what is left to be healed in you.  Even as a person who has done a lot of work, occasionally I have strong (some would say over reactions) to a situation.  My large reaction, says to me:”Colby, here. Look here.  Work here” 

Whenever I have a reaction that is larger than the situation calls for, I know I am not in the moment, but am stuck in the past.  

By asking God, “What is up with my reaction?”, I can get information and clear and resolve trauma that may be keeping an old wound from closing up. What seemed huge a moment before becomes more like a minor inconvenience.  

Many of my clients are super sensitive and at some point in their lives chose to live on a “mountain top” to protect themselves.   They choose to not date, to live alone, to not go out on the weekend.   I have isolated in my life.  It seemed much more peaceful to live on a “mountain top” than to deal with people.  But, now the urge for community calls to me.  I am choosing to have a bigger life and in doing so am inviting deeper healing. I know I may be hurt by others playing out their story and calling out what is unresolved in me to be healed, but still I move towards people. 

Maybe you are isolating now in some way, if so can you take a step off the mountain and choose to live in the world with people a little bit more?   There may be deeper healing off the mountain.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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