Spiritual and Theta Healing and Avoiding Disappointment

Why do people get disappointed by others?  For the most part people get disappointed after taking something personally.  They make what the other person did or not do mean something about them and/or life.

For example, a friend blows you off for a movie on Friday night.  You might take it personally.  “He/She does not respect me.  No- one has ever really respected me.  Life is going to be hard if I have to put up with people this inconsiderate”  

You wind up in the spin of disappointment.  You saught predictability, safety and a sure footing with another. But, people are not safe.  They can be unpredictable and unaware, inadvertently hurting others feelings.  

Disappointment following another’s actions means you have temporarily lost your connection with the Source of Life.

You would not be bothered by another’s lack of awareness or consideration if you were connected to higher consiounsenes  If you were, you would see their misdeed as just an action.  You would have compassion for their lack of awareness and choices.  

People take things personally when they have made another their God.  They have made another the most important thing and have lost contact with the inner divine.

My friends, set an intention the next time you get disappointed by another to NOT  try to immediately work it out with him/her.  Reconnect with your Source.  You can only find safety there.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA 

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