Spiritual Advancement: Kundalini

The other day I taught the class Galactic Travel: Spaceship Not Required.

In the class, I opened a Star Gate and had people travel through it and into the galaxy. They had experiences with other worlds, stars, and novas. Participants received healing, guidance, and gained an intergalactic perspective on personal problems. Doing the class, I am reminded how freaking big the “multi verse” is.

How did I open the star gate? I had no clue. I asked it to open and it did. The Star Gate, in one case, looked like the jukebox from Richie Cunningham’s “Happy Days.” It arched above me with soft neon glowing-like lights.

The experience of holding the Star Gate open was nothing short of an erotic, sensual experience. Who knew the “multiverse” was so freaking hot?

That night, my dreams were vivid, and the energy in the base of my spine became hot! My Kundalini was moving up!

I have had good Kundalini rises and not so good. In the not so good experiences, the energy has gotten blocked as it moves up my spine. Painful! The good rises feel luxurious and open my sense of wonder and awe.

I could now try to short-wire the kundalini experience by discharging the energy sexually. In fact, right now, that is all I want to do.

We teach addicts to try to understand the feelings below the surface motivating addiction, to avoid that which they are addicted to and get support so they have the strength to avoid addictive tendencies. There is a place for that type of treatment. However, if one can sits in the energy motivating the addictive behavior and allows it to fully blossom, the energy motivating it can become fully revealed. Is what is at the base of my overwhelming desire to sexually discharge now pregnant with the possibility of enlightenment?

Consider, is what is at the foundation of your counter-productive habits, addictions, compulsions (overeating, smoking, cleaning, hand washing) a disguised opportunity to more fully experience God? What if you did not give in to it, but sat with the energy of desire long enough for it to fully develop and you let it take you — devour you what would happen next?

In the past, I was afraid that if I allowed an uncomfortable energy in my body like sadness, rage, loneliness to fully take me I would lose my mind! Not the case. I had a glorious experience of bliss. I was running from the very thing that provided me with healing.

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