Run Towards!

Many people are running away from something,” I need to get out of town.” “I need to leave this job”

When you run away from something there is no peace.  There is however a sense of relief, “Wow, am I glad I am out of that…”  

Running away does not create the next thing.  Instead it puts you into a void and not a fertile void.  “Wow, sure glad I stopped that, now what is next for me…..ummmmm.  What do I want to do next?” People who have run arrive her once they feel like they have successfully escaped.  They hope some clarity will pop out from inside of them that was previously hidden from them that will lead them to their next job, lover, home, etc.  They hope and secretly expect an answer to come forward- a great epiphany. 

Unfortunately this this does not happen and so they may decide to take a break from their life- go on vacation, etc.

When they come back from vacation they are left with the same question,”What do i do next?  ummmmm”

Nothing comes, nothing comes.  Sometimes desperation sets in and they move themseves out of their situation by running from their desperation.   But, nothing good can come from moving from a place where you feel like you have to move to survive.  Some make the mistake of getting a new partner, job or home only to regret it later.  

If they don’t fall prey to desperation they ask the question again and again”Ummmm, What is next? ummmmm” 

Next time you feel like running sit for a second and ask what do you really want.  Sit in the wanting for clarity for a while.  Desire clarity.  Pray for clarity and be open to how it shows up.  Then it will reveal itself, a desire for: a beach front property a new job with an assistant.  Sit in the wanting so that the universe starts to create what you desire out of your desire.  It wills show up!  It  will.  And when it is time to move you will have the urge to run towards it rather than away from something.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer , Heal through Spririt, Seattle WA


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