Reading May Not Be Fundamental

I know a lot of healers who are very up on spiritual writers.  They read this on and that one.  

I rarely read.  As a young person I had a difficult time learning to read and as an adult I don’t read for pleasure. If I do read it is a how to book. 

For years, I wished I would take joy in reading.  “How much further ahead I would be if I read,” I would think.

But, now I realize not reading has compelled me/forced me to find my own answers.  So often, people take shelter in a book attempting to embrace how another has made his/her life work without doing their own inner work.

Yes, reading can inspire you/help you to find your own answers, but how often does it?  People after reading a book may walk away with an “Aha!, but how long does that epiphany last to generate real change? When no real practice is put in place, no new habit is developed life does not change.  The “Aha!” was not followed through to become embodied knowledge and embodied knowledge is transformation. 

Yes, knowledge is power, but the quest for another’s knowledge can be a distraction to finding your own wisdom.

Consider putting down the book and opening to your own self to what you already know.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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