People who are on purpose are happy people.  Think about it, when you are on purpose you are driven, you feel your blood  flowing, you are in action towards a higher purpose and acting from a large vision of yourself. When you are truly on purpose you are connected to spirit and yourself.  

When you are not on purpose you are “hanging around”.  People who hang around find things to do- things to distract yourself from boredom and that meanSave & Closes drama: abusive and unproductive relationships and getting into unproductive behaviors.  Some people get trapped her and attempt to change the habit that developed from attempting to avoid their boredom rather than to find purpose.  

If you want to be happy making finding your purpose a curiosity.  One way of finding purpose is to follow your curiosity.  What are you curious about? Your curiosity can lead you to learning what you are passionate about and your passion is an express lane to your purpose.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA 


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