Practices for Embodiment

Like these rocks balanced on each other become more grounded, whole and balanced throuugh spiritual, psychic, intuitive theta healing with Colby Wilk

Generating well being

Because the personality or ego can drive us back into negativity out of habit, you’ll adopt practices that redirect your energy field into well being. You will learn to navigate and direct your own energy field so you can bring your best self forward, in every situation regardless of circumstance. You will be grounded, centered, balanced, aligned anywhere and with anyone. Brain science tells us that it’s not what we do one time that reshapes us but rather what we do consistently over time. Your homework is to practice reshaping your field as the need arises, which in turn reshapes your “person-reality.”

Depending on what you are facing off with I will give you a particular energetic practices to do as homework. Some of the practices to build your well being are below.

No mind

Meditation teaches people how to clear their minds and enter into a place of little or no thought. By shifting your energetic field into the space of no mind, you experience the benefits of meditation without its practice.

Meditation is an important part of the spiritual path, but it can be challenging to begin a practice especially for those with active minds. Taking you to “No Mind” energetically gives you an experience of a calm mind and can assist the body and energetic field to heal.


Finding the middle path

In the area of your life that you are looking to change, it may be conducive to shift your field away from your tendency toward action or inaction.

The Middle Path gives you access to the resources of both doing and being so you know when to act and when to rest.

Collecting parts and fragments

When the soul is faced with trauma parts of it can split off into fragments, which can leave you with a sense of incompleteness.

When your fragments are reconnected to your field, overwhelming challenges are put into perspective allowing you to put the past behind you and move confidently into the future.


Entering divine timing

For whatever reason, some people may become out of sync with their own divine timing. When your divine timing is reestablished in your field you enter into a flow where life unfolds more easily.

Your home energy

There is a place in the Multiverse where your energy field resets and rebuilds. By taking you to into the nexus of your Home Energy, your field recalibrates so that anxiety, depression and external expectations fall away.

I teach you how to navigate to your home energy on your own so you can have a daily/weekly practice that resets and refuels your energy.


Connecting to the the Masters

People frequently have a powerful energy above them that guides their spiritual growth. When you regularly connect to this energy you tap into the support, power, and guidance this spiritual lineage offers.

Taking you down

Most of us live in our heads or from a space outside of us. This leaves us disconnected from our own bodies, others and the awe of life.

Many have learned it is dangerous to be in the body; however, not being in the body promotes a sense of feeling unsafe. By “Taking You Down” you experience being in the body as safe while gaining access to knowing yourself as limitless.


Colby has earned the title of ‘Healer.’ He blends modalities effortlessly to produce truly remarkable transformations. I always know that I am really ready for change and ready to access higher levels of truth when I make a choice to work with Colby. He gives me nothing more than his absolute presence and guides me on my path. He may not know where we are going to begin, but the flow and continuity of all tells such grace and purpose. Colby is a blessing to me and everyone who is fortunate enough to work with him. 

Maryann Munroe

Sumner, WA