Overcoming Ego in Seattle Through Spiritual Healing

As a spiritual healer I meet a lot of people wanting to give up their ego.  Here are some tips regarding ego. 

1. I don’t think you can get rid of your ego.  You learn to navigate it.  

2. Your ego’s job is to keep you safe. It does this by making you see you are separate from others and things. This separateness allows you to protect yourself.  This strategy of protection is not a bad thing, but can be limiting when it comes to recognizing your complete totality.  

3.  The Ego communicates through fear.  You know you are probably in ego if you are afraid.  Many people are afraid, however, and don’t know it.  They cover their fear with snippy remarks, fashion and big muscles. Do you know when you are afraid?  What does your body feel like when afraid?  This can be very subtle.  Many people have learned to cover the fear to the extent that they can not recognize their fear and act over the top of it. And because they are unaware of their fear it controls them in ways that they are unaware of.   

4.  In any action consider you are either coming from fear(ego) or from love (higher self).  If you want to be less directed by your ego get out of fear and into love. How do you get out of fear?  Ask what am I afraid of, really?  In my experience must fear has to do with being separate.  Move yourself back into connection so you know yourself as not separate , but connected.

Colby Wilk, Theta and Spiritual Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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