Out of Depression and Anxiety by Opening and Contracting Your Energy Field

Most people don’t understand that depression and anxiety are usually a sign that your system is not breathing. Yes, your energy system breaths!  When depressed or anxious your system has either become compressed and unable to access the Life Force or to open and is leaking the Life Force.

All energy systems should be able to breath : to open and close at will.  But when something happens, like an accident, a death, a break up and the person does not fully grieve, the system may get stuck in a position that interrupts the natural breath of the system.  

Or a repeated trauma, like someone having to hide who they are over the course of years can interrupt the natural rhythm of the system.  Consider a kid who is repeatedly bullied because he/she is different and then squashes who he/she is to be less of a target.  Or a gay person who feels that he/she needs to hide his/her preference from family and friends.  

Whether an incident happened that resulted in shock or a repeated event that resulted in feelings of shame the systems natural breath can take a hit.

That hit impacts the systems ability to open and close to expel and take in energy.  When this happens the system can not maintain its wellness.  Depression and anxiety are sometimes the first signs that the system is not working  well.

As a Spiritual healer I look to see how clients  energy systems are breathing.  Are they to compressed or are they to open?   Is their system breathing naturally?  

Consider, if your system is to open or to closed.  Put your attention in your body and ask that your system slowly open or slowly contract. Keep your attention in your body as you do this and feel what is happening. How is opening or closing impacting your mood and sense of your own energy

Colby Wilk
Spiritual Energy Intuitive Healer
Seattle, WA 

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