Out of Complaining and Into Action

I set the intention to give up complaining in 2016. What a journey! 

I have not been 100% successful.  But I feel very successful with the effort.. a lot has opened up!

I notice when I complain, I did not follow up with action. I complain my new dog is not OK being left alone, but I do not adhere to the training schedule to assist him be comfortable being left alone.  Not being able to be left alone has had significant impact on my life: I have  stopped going to the gym, given up going out with friends, etc.  Instead I stay home with him, but not doing the training that would alleviate his challenge and free me to do activities that i love  

I am complaining lending my voice and my mental self to the effort, but I have not put my heart or commitment behind the effort.  Why?  

I am overwhelmed by what the training requires.. I feel like I do not have the resources and at the same time, I don’t want to give up the dog and return him.  My complaint is not an expression on my dissatisfaction with life, it is a sign of my conflict.. a big conflict.

All complaints are really a sign of conflict.  For example,If you are complaining that the person in front of you is moving to slow.. you are conflicted about where you are going to or where you are coming from.  If you are complaining that someone has given you the wrong advice you are conflicted about your need to seek out advice.

Complaining, I have found is a sign you are mixed and do not know how to resolve the situation.  You are stuck and instead of admitting your conflict you complain and don’t take action

Next time notice, what you are complaining about this or that and ask yourself am I conflicted?  Then make a a move to resolve the conflict.  

And so, this morning I started the training protocol with my dog. 

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healer, Seattle, WA

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