Many Times the Answer is Not in Doing

Sometimes what you need to do alludes you.  Your sad about, well…everything.  Terrified of the future.  

“What do I do?” “What do I do you?”  You ask over and over as if it is the first time you have asked.  You have gone through scenario after scenario.  There is nothing to do.. doing is not the answer.  A change of life will not shift this.  You have tried.  Maybe you have already changed your eye liner, job, partner and well you feel the same way: sad, angry, depressed.  You have even seen health providers, coaches, healers.  There is nothing to change.  And the thought occurs to you there is nothing good will come changing from “this place”.

You know the answer is in acknowledging and accepting, but you cant’ seem to get yourself to accept.  “What do I do?” you ask, over and over.

Sometimes there is nothing to do.  You need a release.  The body needs to let go of holding.  Holding onto what you may ask…just holding.  In many cases it does not matter what you let go,  just that you let go.

Watch a sad movie, scrunch up up your face as if you are going to cry and let yourself open the door to grief. Enter into grief, let it wash through you and over you and release what it is holding.

Kids do this great  They allow themselves release. They cry when they are sad and when their body is done crying they feel relieved, get up and go out and play.  You know how to let the body let go.. at least you did a long time ago.. you gave yourself permission to cry.

Maybe its time.  Time to return to allowing yourself to process grief.  Can you let yourself cry? 

Colby Wilk, Spiritual Theta and Energy Healer, Seattle , WA

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