Manifesting through "”Ifing”"

I have seen many people attempt to shift their realty through affirmations and visualization.  ” I NOW have a …( fill in the blank)”  They attempt to imagine their life with a new (fill in the blank) and to feel what it would feel like having ( fill in the blank). But here is the problem, you are a big being with many parts.  These parts can exist many realties, many dimensions and sometimes these parts are not aligned.  They may different opinions and sometimes conflicting needs.  Your ability to manifest is dependent on your beingness alignment.  Where you “come together” these parts are aligned and you have power, and when you don’t come together you have stuckness due to the lack of alignment.

So, here is the hot tip: instead of imagining you have your( fill in the blank) now.  Say to your self: “It would be great if I had ( fill in the blank) and imagine having it and feel yourself having it.  The statement,”It would be great IF I had..” sneaks past the resistance of the parts of you that may frightened or uninterested in your desire.  “IF” is the word that allows your body, soul and mind to explore realties without investement/commitment and because of this  it does not pull up resistance.  You are a much more powerful manifestor when the whole of you is behind what it is you say you want.  A way of accessing the whole of you is through your imagination.

Practice, “It would be great, if…..” several times a day and you may begin to fall in love with “If…”

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Spiritual Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle, WA


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