Manifesting Can Start with "No"

There is power in refusing.  Refusing what no longer serves you, what you no longer want, what no longer fits.

People tend to give a apprehensive, tentative “Yes/s” and pay the price.  They say “Yes” because they are afraid to miss out or loose.  But, in fact they loose big.  Maybe people who say “Yes”  are afraid they can not get what they really want or what they really don’t want does not exist. By saying “Yes” they are hedging their bets trying not to loose, but are not setting themselves up to win

There is magic in “No”.  “No, I refuse to except a man who can not meet me.”  “No, I refuse to accept a job that no longer serves my vision.”  “No!”   “No!”  “No!”  

A real “No” is not a tantrum. It is not a denial.  It is a secret “Yes” “Yes, I can have what I want.”

Giving a real “No” means you have to get your worth.  Consider you need to get your worth before the universe will treat you as worthy.    

Where have you said “Yes” to where you wish you had the courage to say “No”.  My bet is you say “Yes” to things everyday to stuff you really want to say “No” to.  Every “No” can bring you closer to the life your truly desire and deserve. 

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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