"Leave Me Alone!"

Sometimes, I hear my self say in my sleep saying over and over:”Leave me Alone!”  

For years I thought I was saying to a person.  Someone who was bothering me, expecting to much, was asking for more than I could give.  I would wake, and look at my boundries with others, whether I was asking for what I needed, if I was treating others with true kindness.

Months past.. I would wake up the same way” “Leave me alone!”

This morning, I realized I was the person that needs to leave me alone.  I need to stop fiddleing with myself, stop picking, stop trying to curb this and sharpen that.

Compassion, self acceptance is the perscription for me.

Maybe its time for you to leave you alone.  Stop bothering you.  Aceept you as is. 

What would life be like if you truly left yourself alone.  Stopped trying to change.  Stopped doing things to be better, to shift and accepted you as is?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual Theta Healer, Seattle WA

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