Invite Love

Most of life is an argument with Love.  Think about it, a good portion of the time you are thinking in some form,” Why don’t I have this, that or the other in my life.”  This, that or the other is Love in form.  It may be a car, a home or a lover, but those things are Love.

Love what is it?  Love is feeling connected.  Beutifully, wonderfully connected.  

So, why if we want Love so much are we arguing with it?  Why do we make it wrong for not showing up, for not having more of it for not knowing where to get it?  We don’t trust love.  If the universe is made of anything it is made of love.  If you don’t trust love you don’t trust the universe, others, God- now that’s a problem.  If you don’t trust you are not open to receive.  You hold yourself back from participating in life, yet, make Love wrong for your lack of satisfaction with life.

Why do we fight with Love holding it away from us?  We are terrified by Love.  Terrified by the pain we have associated with love.  Terrified that we will break if we let it take us and devour us.  Frightened to death that we will not return from its waters.

To open back to Love, you must want it!  People are afraid of the pain of opening to love, the pain and the terror of facing off with demons that are not even real, but seem enormous. 

I hope you will join me in the journey into love by saying to God right now,”I choose to love.  Above all else I choose to love.”

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA


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