Instant Healing: How to Get Instantly Healed

Why do some people heal instantly while others seem to need to slug through challenges?

I see a lot of people as a Spiritual Healer some of who instantly heal in one/two sessions while others take a bit longer.  Why?  

1.  Some of my clients pray.  They have been calling in their higher self, God, their Guides and angels for some time.  They have been asking for assistance and by the time they come to me I hold space for their field to do the work. Consider, if you are going to visit with a spiritual healer call in your guides, higher self and God for assistance daily before your session.

2.  Others are ready to be done- to finally be done.  It can take a while to arrive at done.  I have a very good friend who for years tried to loose weight and it was not till this year that he lost it and has kept it off.  He was finally after years done.  How did he get done?  He had had enough.  Think about it, after years of trying to end a relationship, a job, to move you finally did it.  What was in that moment that allowed you to finally get done after months/years of trying? What is in that moment is in a client’s moment who instantly heals.

3. People instantly heal because they are ready to give up any secondary benefit they have been receiving from an illness or malady.  They are willing to face potential rejection and go out and meet their partner, they are willing to give up a sense of feeling safe and launch a company, they are willing to give up sympathy and attention from being sick and be physically well.  What is the benefit of the condition you are seeking to end?  

Colby Wilk, Theta and Spiritual Healer, Heal Through Spririt, Seattle WA

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