Increase Your Sense Of Feeling Safe to Manifest

I am recognizing how much I and those I come in contact with chase.  You may be thinking that we chase after possessions, power or relationships, but what we chase after is security. We want to know all is going to be OK.  But we do so, from a place of feeling unsafe.  Increase Your Sense Of Feeling Safe to Manifest

We ask: “What is the best decision for me? ”  ” What, way will turn out best?”

Increase Your Sense of Feeling Safe

We chase after security, from a mood of unsafe and from a perspective that sees potential catastrophe.

We make up that what we are debating about really matters.. is life or death.  We get ourselves scared.  We loose our center and in doing so loose our sense of well being.  We are afraid to move into what life is offering, because we are scared of not making the right choice

We don’t trust life.  We don’t trust ourselves.

We talk to others to try to think of all the potential ways we can approach the situation.  Trying to find loop holes and hidden holes that can suck us down. We run from place to place, person to person asking, debating, inquiring.

The Answer to Feeling Safe

But the answer is never outside of ourselves. What is for you to do can be made known, but only if you get quite and still.  But to get still you must face off with your sense that you are unsafe.

Close your eyes, now and breath and settle in to your tummy.  Become aware of your breath, the sounds around you, your tush on the seat.  Breathe and feel.  Breathe and feel.

Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Theta, Embodiment and Energy Healer, Seattle WA

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