"I Want Change" they say

They say, “Change that we can control feels like a good thing and change that we can not seem to control feels like a bad thing.”

Think of it: The changes that you have made with intention you hold with pride.  For example quitting drinking, running a marathon, saving and buying for a house.  But the changes that seem outside of our control we generally feel anxious about: being laidoff, a death of a well loved family member, putting on weight for no seeming reason.  We can tend to respond to these with worry, concern, confusion and even depression.

I know so many of my clients pray for change, but it comes like a storm through their lives they can freak out.  “This is the answer you have been waiting for you.” “Your path has finally opened.. “Your being forced to get into alignment with what you said your are about,” i say to them. 

“But this is not how I wanted it to happen”, they say.  The quicker you accept the situation, the better you will feel. Either you surrender to the knew direction or you struggle trying to make your life into what it was- and there is no going backwards. 

Life does not always occur on your terms.  Life occurs to move you forward and is sensitive to what you can roll with.  Life does not give you what you can not handle.  Let go of the need to control and open to being guided.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Seattle, WA

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