How to Love Someone Who Does Not Deserve It

We punish each other by withholding our love from each other.  We do it all the time. This person and that person fall outside of our parameters of what we can allow ourselves to love.  We may say to ourselves that he is to self involved and she is to selfish. We have lots of reasons for not being in a state of love.  How to love someone who do not deserve it?   

Well first you have to want to. You have to see by not loving others you are denying yourself.  I am not suggesting you validate others bad behavior or let others walk all over you.  But I am suggesting, regardless of who is in front of you whoever they are they deserve your love.

How do you love someone who does not deserve your love?  Regardless of how someone is showing up, why would he/she not deserve your love? Love is not approval for their actions or attitude.  It is recognizing the person in front of you is by their very nature…lovely. The truth is we get angry when someone makes it difficult to love them.  “Who are they, to make it so hard for me to keep my heart open and experience love.”

Loving someone does not mean the person in front of you is in any way awesome, brilliant, kind or anything like that. Loving someone means recognizing their true sweetness and beauty. You look to see beyond their mask and glean their true, simple essential nature, not matter what kind of jerk they are showing up as.

Next time you find yourself being judgmental in your mind, stop and choose to see them as their true beautiful self.  Bring your attention into the front of your chest and imagine the sun in your chest is shining brightly.  Consider: what if you did not give yourself the option to not love them?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Embodiment, Energy and Theta Healer

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