How to Create More Harmony In Your Life

As a spiritual/theta healer many people come to me to increase their sense of ease and harmony in life.  

I have worked on many people unblocking them: stuck energy, switching out negative beliefs, etc. This work for many generates ease.  At the same time I want you to consider something: Are YOU in the way of your own harmony?  Are YOU what is making life so difficult.  Are YOU keeping YOU in drama.

In many cases people refuse to accept situations as they are.  They meet the “not so right man” or the “almost right man” and instead of accepting him as he is they make him and life wrong for being that way. They may not try to “change him”, but think about what he or what he is not not creating a lack of inner harmony.  They could accept him how he is and choose to have some form of relationship with him or not and move accordingly.  The base of harmony is acceptance. 

Consider the area where you lack harmony: job, love, friendship, etc and think about what is actually there and accepting it or not.  If you accept it move into it fully if you can not accept,” If he simply is not right.” move on.  By staying in something you can not completely accept you suffer and take others with you. 

There is a law of relationship.  If a relationship is harmonies it is supportive of your spiritual growth.  Think about it a harmonies relationship allows you to have the energy to take on challenges in the world that you passionate about.  When you act on your passion you become more of who you, you grow closer to God and you inspire others to do the same.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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