How to Change your Life

You know what you want so why does the universe keep giving you crap?

After years of working as a spiritual and theta healer helping people to get the lives they want I have learned a few things about manifesting.

1.  You always get what you most want.  Your focus matched with desire tends to produce result.  Think about it what have you always wanted– my bet is you got it.  I have always wanted to have a powerful connection to source.  As a child I wanted to have super powers: to move objects with my minds, communicate with animals, etc. Now as an adult I can see my soul yearned for an understanding and an experience shifting reality and that is what I do most days.  I got what I most wanted.  

2.  You always get what you really want, but maybe not in the time frame you expect.  I can not tell you how many times I have prayed for something and it does not show up.  Then years, weeks, months later there it is. The key, I think here is to ask for what you want and when it does not appear to be showing up expect it to come, but don’t worry it has got stuck in customs.

3.  You always get what you really want when you are clear about what it is and don’t have fear around receiving it.  If something has not shown up consider you may need to give up something you are averse to living without out.  If you have not manifested the lover are you averse to giving up your privacy?  If something has not shown up consider that you may not feel worthy.  Know that the universe wants you to be happy and if something that would affirm life is not present it is your job to get that blocked moved. Subconconcios beliefs, soul contracts past life contracts can play havok with your ability to manifest.

4.  Trust that if something has still not shown up it may not be in your best interest to have it.  I have thanked God years later for not getting a job a wanted or a guy I lusted after.  Many times not getting what we wanted is a a gift that opens us up to bigger riches.

5.  Ask people who finally after years of trying got the lover, the job, the money they desired what they think clicked.  Study people who have the life you want and get mentored by them.  Success can be modeled and replicated.  

6.  Consider putting effort into what you desire.  I know many people who want more money, but do not track their income and I know many people who want to  move into a deeper connection with higher realms who do not have a daily spiritual practice.  The universe gives you what you can handle.  You are wanting more, but consider are you handling what you already have?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA


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