How Spiritual Healing Works

When I work with people as a spiritual healer, I work with them differently.  My field and connections to resources can and seem to change with each client.  I think my field adapts to each client’s fields and needs. And the way I work as a healer  seems to change as I grow and evolve.  

In truth, I don’t know how spiritual healing works.  I know I get information that people resonate with, people leave my office feeling good and they report being healed.  I think if I did know how spiritual healing worked, my ego would grow as if hit by Miracle Grow: “Look what I can do– I should be wearing a cape!”

For years, however, I have tried to figure out how spiritual healing works.  I would ask other healer friends who can see energy:”When I do this and wave my hand like this I feel…. and clients tend to … What am I doing?The explanations I would get seemed incomplete.  

I get glimmers of undertanding of how spiritual healing works, but in short it is miracloulous and miracles I think by their nature are not to be understood.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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