How "Nuts" or "Great" are You Willing to Be?

If you are going to be fully you, self expressed,  connected to spirit you must be willing to show your “greatness” as well as where your “wackiness”.

There are some people more comfortable admitting where they are not so “right in the head”.  They tell people how they yelled at another car while driving, how they compulsively clean their home and smile.  They are amused, but not proud of their character faults.  These same people, however can not comfortable showing up as ausome, competent individuals. They refuse attention and the spotlight.  

Others absorb praise and the attention, but they hide their “craziness”.  They love praise, but see any form of negative feedback as a threat.  They hide their character faults.  They see their craziness as weakness.  

You have to be willing to reveal all sides of you if you are to love it here.  

As a spiritual healer, I meet people who tell me this is their last incarnation on earth.   They say how they are about to graduate.  When they say this I hear that they are not in love with being who they are.  I assess they are either not good at showing their “weakness” or their “greatness”.  They are not expressed and therefore unhappy.

Consider what aspect of yourself you hide: “your wackiness” or your “greatness”.  What move can you make today to be fully exposed.  If you hide your “greatness” what if you go to a restaurant and have your friends sing you “Happy Birthday”( even if it is not your birthday) while you perk your head up and enjoy it- revel in the attention- in the celebration of you.  If you hide your “weakness” admit to a few friends how crazy you, how nuts you are are and enjoy being wacky and being seen as wacky.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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